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Journal 5 Comm 4000 Journal Questions 1. Both Nadesan and Sassen discuss the relationship between the global economy and changes in work and organizations. Reflect upon your own work/organizational experiences. In what ways can you see the changes discussed by these authors in your experience? In what ways do you see these changes reflected in a larger political discourse? For this article, I looked at my current job with a corporate music promoter and related the changes I have seen in the workplace with the overall changes going on in global economies. The first main change I have seen that relates directly to my job is the ways that employees get paid. In the past, this process is something that was very hard for large companies and meant a lot of paper and mailings. In the modern day, as this country leads to a more global age, paychecks are easily placed automatically in your bank account. In a larger scale, this new idea of being able to transfer funds, up to any amount, through the computer is something
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Journal%20Questions%20-%20week%205 - Journal 5 Comm 4000...

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