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Comm 4000 Week 7 Journal Questions 1. Analyze Ohama’s view on the nation-state in globalization. Do you agree with his argument, disagree? Explain your reasoning. Provide examples from our current lives that explicate his argument or contradict it? In what ways do you see his argument reflected in our current political discourses? Ohmae believes that nation-states are dysfunctional and do not promote a community of economic interest. Instead, he shifts his views to more modern thinking and discusses the notion of a region state or boundaries that are not imposed by political fiat but instead defined by a global market of goods. I tend to agree with Ohmae’s shift of ideas toward the region state and a more global perspective. The example that really exemplified this argument for me is that of Italy and the economic differences between the north and south. I agree with the author when they say that it would be foolish to group the north and south together because they are not a single economic entity and rely on very different
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