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Comm 4000 Journal Questions Journal Questions Week 2 – 1/22/08 – 1/24/08 1. Michael raises several critiques of Held and McGrew’s perspective on political globalization. Choose one of these critiques. Discuss the argument Michael offers. Do you find this convincing? Why or why not? How do you think this contributes to an overall understanding of globalization? Michael raises several important points when talking about globalization. He critiques Held and McGrew’s previous works on several different parameters. The first critique of their definition of globalization comes with the typology or how they phrased the definitions. Michael believes that instead of giving definitive definitions he instead confuses the term more by giving the ambiguous term several ambiguous sub-categories. Along with the confusing typology comes the equally confusing lack of empirical substantiation. Another claim which Michael makes where he argues with Held and McGrew is when he claims that with the misleading
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