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Comm 4000 Journal 9 Journal Questions Week 9 – 3/11/08 – 3/13/08 (You should write 2 journals for this week) 1. Pick one thing in the reading that is new to you – that you have not thought about before or not thought of in that particular way. How does this change your thinking? How does it relate to other points/questions/concerns that you may have? For this reading I decided that this would be a good question to explore what exactly existentialism is and how it relates to globalization. I thought this was an important question for me to answer as that is what the article is about. First, Sanderson describes existentialism as “a philosophical trend, tendency or attitude, as distinct from a particular dogma or system”. From this definition, I am able to gather that existentialism in globalization has to due with the certain trends of countries and nations to think and act in a particular way. It discusses human life at the most basic level and how ideas and transitions can be warped away from reality. One of the major negative aspects of an existentialist movement is that of
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Journal%20Questions%20-%20week%209 - Comm 4000 Journal 9...

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