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week6journal - laws that apply to the WTO or do they make...

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Comm 4000 Journal week 6 Journal Questions Week 6 – 2/19/08 – 2/21/08 (You need to answer 2 questions this week. Please answer the following and choose one question from the Supplementary Journal Questions list). 1. For Castells’ article, choose one question from the Supplementary Journal Questions list For this journal, I was reading the article and continued to question the notion of the World Trade Organization and the idea of checks and balances. When the WTO was created, it granted power to the group to monitor and delegate trades internationally and make sure countries are following the rules. My question is what if someone who is running the WTO is corrupt and does illegal trade out of their own country in order to promote and improve their own self. Are their any
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Unformatted text preview: laws that apply to the WTO or do they make the laws? Who is the next power source following the WTO? What does it take to become a member of the WTO? I believe that these are all important questions to think about when discussing the WTO. The next question I have came after reading the article and was a broader question. Does globalization leave out or discriminate against the poor? After reading all of these articles and taking this class, I feel as if globalization is taking jobs away from workers, taking money away from countries and making lower income countries rely on superpowers to fund their growth. Is this pattern going to continue at this rate or will it begin to affect a larger mass of people?...
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