2.26.08 trevre - Depression/New Deal 26/02/2008 15:33:00...

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Unformatted text preview: Depression/New Deal 26/02/2008 15:33:00 Depression/New Deal -Scottsboro Boys -New Deal Coalition -FDIC -SEC -CCC -TVA -WPA -court packing New deal, WWII, Post war, red scare, foreign policy, role of federal govt 30, 40, 50s( for exam 2) Stock Market Crash Oct of 1949 Hoover appeared to go after the problem pretty aggressively Hoover organizes a conference in the white house, with big business leaders , and big labor Hoover also tried to address problems in rural America o Problems like over production, low demand , plummeting prices o Hoover got govt to pass the Agricultural Marketing Act in? o Congress also gave money to get the people with out jobs work o RFC- wasnt the answer that Hoover sought; in the end the RFC did little if anything to help the poor in the end the poor doubled. o Folks were having to turn to state service o The sudden appearance of Shanty towns o Hoover became unpopular with the stock market crash o Hoover reassured people that no one was starving, he kept reiterating that. o During the depression weekly, between 60 and 70 million people pilled into movie theatre o 1930-1933 Was the Golden age of American Cinema o William Green said I warn the people that are exploiting the workers he was the head of the AFL (1932) o Farmers also began organizing protest, National Farmers Association- they coordinated a day from shipping there crops to market. o Farmers also resorted to penny sales- they organized together that one would bid on land so it would sell for the first bid o Crime increased during the Great Depression o Bank robbers became popular during this time, because they were taking back what was taken from the poor....
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2.26.08 trevre - Depression/New Deal 26/02/2008 15:33:00...

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