3.6.08 - WWII -Pearl Harbor -Battle of Midway -D-Day REVIEW...

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WWII -Pearl Harbor -Battle of Midway -D-Day REVIEW OF LAST TIME: John Collier: a reformer, he became the commissioner of the bureau of Indians affairs in 1933 appointed by FDR. He was the most out spoken critic. He wanted to end the allotment policy of Indian lands. Criticized by scholars, Indian people, etc. Imposed some damaging economic programs on reservations. Heavy handed tactics while trying to impose these programs. Technically voluntary but he is pretty manipulative. IRA: Indian Reorganization Act. Overturned Dawes Act. Took all surplus lands (lands left over after reservations divided) and given back to reservations rather than selling it off. Created strength in tribal government. Big ideological change. IRA is significant in that is made tribal governments legitimate political entities. Good Neighbor Policy: mostly aimed at Latin American. No nation has the right to interfere with internal or external affairs of another country. Replaced “arrogant intervention” with a “helping hand.” December 1933. Pledge confirmed at a meeting with
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3.6.08 - WWII -Pearl Harbor -Battle of Midway -D-Day REVIEW...

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