Review_4 - hedonism(Feinberg Arguments “Nowheresville” thought experiment and strategy(Feinberg reasons for obeying duty based on relationships

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Review for Quiz 4 Know these … Authors: Feinberg, Ross, Prichard, Nagel, Feinberg (again) Concepts: Doctrine of the logical correlativity of rights and duties (Feinberg); personal desert (Feinberg); sovereign rights-monopoly (Feinberg); rights as valid claims (Feinberg); prima facie duties (Ross); ideal utilitarianism (Ross); actual duty (Ross); self-evidence (Ross); particularism (Prichard); underived or immediate obligations (Prichard); moral luck (Nagel); psychological egoism (Feinberg); ethical egoism (Feinberg); paradox of
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Unformatted text preview: hedonism (Feinberg). Arguments: “Nowheresville” thought experiment and strategy (Feinberg); reasons for obeying duty based on relationships, rather than maximizing goodness (Ross); argument from elimination against self-interest theories of morality, consequentialism, and deontology (Prichard); examples of moral luck (Nagel); criticisms of arguments for psychological egoism (Feinberg)....
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