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Observing Identities 1. As an individual or in groups up to three people , find a public place on campus where you can observe people interacting. Take detailed notes on any factors that contribute to the interactants’ identities. Pay attention to the interaction, but do not listen to the conversation itself, as that is invasion of privacy. Pay attention to personal artifacts (do NOT note information that can be used to identify the people!), appearance, nonverbal communication, etc. Your attention should be on detail of information rather than quantity (you should take about 15 minutes to observe, but a highly detailed explanation of a five-minute encounter is better than a vague description of a 20-minute encounter). Once you have made your fieldwork notes, fill out the information below and tear off the bottom half of this paper. Return the bottom portion of this sheet to me by the end of class time. You need only turn in one paper per group. DO NOT TURN IN NOTES YET. 2. Your homework assignment:
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