COMM1210 Paper Assignment 3

COMM1210 Paper Assignment 3 - COMM1210 Spring08 Final Paper...

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COMM1210 Spring08 Final Paper Due in recitation Friday, April 18 I will not accept emailed papers, only hardcopy, by 4:00 pm. Observing and Analyzing Communication: Conducting and writing up a mini communication research paper The ability to observe interaction closely and critically is a vital skill for improving communication skills and for studying communication. For this assignment, you will select a site, observe nonverbal and verbal communication taking place in that site, and then analyze what meaning the participants are assigning to that communication and your reasons for that belief based on theoretical knowledge you have gained in the course. For this project, you must observe interaction for at least 30 minutes, but more is preferable. You must keep notes about the interaction. The more detailed notes you keep, the more useful they will be for this project. Length of paper: maximum 5-7 double spaced pages. Worth 150 points Your paper should be organized as follows (modeling an academic research article) into the following sections and the sections should be labeled. Introduction . Here you will state what you are studying, and frame the study as a study of something . It should capture the reader’s attention.
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COMM1210 Paper Assignment 3 - COMM1210 Spring08 Final Paper...

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