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Comm 1210 Spring 2008 Baby Steps for the Big Paper The final paper for class is due Friday, April 18, by 4:00 pm. The final paper may not be emailed – I will only accept hardcopy. A good paper is one that is written before the day it is due, and has been read over and edited by both you and someone else (or several others). The key part of the final paper is your analysis section; however, you will not be able to write a good one if you have not completed the groundwork first. To this end, you have two small assignments leading up to the big paper. DUE Saturday, April 5 (email by midnight): methods section and observations OR literature review DUE Friday, April 11 (email by 4:00 pm): whatever section you didn’t turn in last week. (You are welcome to send these to me early, but I will not accept them late.) * Each of these is worth 5 points (translation: for a total of 10%) of your recitation grade, NOT your final paper grade. * **Turn in these assignments through email only, as it will allow me to comment on them and email them back as I finish them, giving you time to apply the feedback to your final paper** ***If you have some initial ideas for your analysis and want some feedback on them, feel free to include some notes or jottings about it when you send me the other sections, but please let me know that they are your analysis musings so I know what I am reading.*** ****The feedback I give you will largely be content based. I do not intend to copy-edit these rough sections for you, so just because I do not correct your grammar for this assignment, do not assume it is perfect for the final.**** I realize you have a test on April 2, which is why your first installment is not due until the Saturday, and why you have a month to work on them. I expect the final paper you turn in to include ALL sections listed on the assignment sheet , as these two sections that are due earlier are meant to give you a chance at some feedback before the final product.
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This note was uploaded on 04/01/2008 for the course COMM 1210 taught by Professor Britt,lori during the Spring '07 term at Colorado.

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prepping%20for%20big%20assignment - Comm 1210 Spring 2008...

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