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Exam 2 review - Were their efforts successful Finally what...

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HIST 1302:  U.S. History Survey from the Civil War Spring 2008 Exam 2 Review Sheet Be prepared to define  and give the significance of   the following terms: Dust Bowl John Collier McCarthyism Termination Israel The “New Look” American Century Bracero Program GI Bill of Rights Lend-Lease Act Earl Warren Battle of Midway Be prepared to answer both essay questions below.  I will select one at random on exam day.  Please note that your essay  must  contain  complete sentences, an introductory paragraph, a  series of body paragraphs, and a concluding paragraph. (1)  Discuss the evolution of American foreign policy from the Great Depression through the  Cuban Missile Crisis.  What were its primary objectives and how did they change over  time, if at all?  Secondly, provide at lease one well-developed example of what U.S.  Government officials did, specifically, in pursuit of one or more of these objectives. 
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Unformatted text preview: Were their efforts successful? Finally, what impart did post-WWII foreign policy currents have on the home front? Explain, using specific examples to make your case. (2) Discuss the state of race relations during the Great Depression and on through the immediate post-WWII years. What kinds of obstacles did American minority groups face in their pursuit of equal citizenship during this period, and what methods did they employ in meeting these challenges? Were their efforts successful? Secondly, discuss the evolution of federal Indian policy between the 1930s and 1950s, focusing on the so-called Indian New Deal and the termination measures. Where did these policy trends come from, and what exactly were policymakers trying to accomplish with their application? Did these measures work? Explain....
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Exam 2 review - Were their efforts successful Finally what...

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