Prohibition & 2nd Industiral Revolution

Prohibition & 2nd Industiral Revolution - Thursday Feb 14...

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Thursday Feb 14 2008n 1301 Notes Prohibition/ Popular Culture Al Capone Football Lost Generation Second Industrial Revolution Henry Ford Welfare Capitalism Prohibition - The treasury department was in charge of enforcing prohibition. Elliot Ness- one of the more effective treasury agents out in the field- Lead the untouchables- a group of treasury agents who went after bootleggers. Over time small liquor producers were squeezed out until it became a very organized business that became a crime empire Al Capone - one of the bootleggers earned 60 mill a year. In the first 4 years of prohibition over 200 killings over control for territory. 1929 St valentines day massacre- murder of 7 members of a rival gang. At one point tried to bribe Elliot Ness and he went public- when he got the name the untouchables. Tried several times to have Ness assassinated. Fed agents were never able to link him to mob violence but they were able to eventually link him to tax evasion. 1932 went to prison in Atlanta but continued to run an empire so they sent him to Alcatraz. Here his mental state declined and he was eventually was sent to a mental hospital for 11 years. 1931 panel of experts released a report saying that prohibition was a failure- said that’s
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Prohibition & 2nd Industiral Revolution - Thursday Feb 14...

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