Red Scare & Great Migration

Red Scare & Great Migration - QUIZ TUESDAY! Read a...

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QUIZ TUESDAY!!! Read a chapter from the book? Think broadly about luctenbergs assessment of the 1920’s. Is he more celebrating or more critical of the era? What does he consider to be positive/encouraging and negative/discouraging developments of the era (give examples). Red Scare Palmer Raids – conducted against people who may have been radicalists. Completely unconstitutional and illegal Emma Goldman Sacco and Vanzetti Great Migration Harlem Hellfighters Marcus Garvey Harlem Renaissance Emma Goldman Russian radical. Born in Russia (in enough of itself to arouse suspicion) feminist. Arrested and put into prison many time. Once for distributing info about birth control rather than abortion. Last arrest before being deported was when she began a public campaign against the draft. All her activities. J Edgar Hoover said she was one of the most dangerous anarchists in America. Discovered her list of subscribers when they ransacked her home. List contained 1000’s of names of foreign radicals. J Edgar Hoover ordered her deportation. Boarded a ship in 1919 along with other suspected radicals and sent back to Russia. Sacco and Vanzetti Italian Anarchists. Anti everything. Xenophobia in US led to their demise. Accused of killing of shoe factory headmaster and a security guard. Accused of stealing more than $15,000 from payroll. Advocates of revolutionary violence. High on governments lists of most dangerous. Luigi Galiani (their leader-ish) deported, left many followers. They are directly linked to him. Tried and convicted and sentenced to death. Incarcerated for 7 years, then electrocuted 8/23/1927. Denied a right to retrial, etc. denied civil liberties. After executed, international riots. Still not sure if they were actually guilty of the crimes to this day. Public institutions also joined in on scare. Libraries removed books. Schools fired
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Red Scare & Great Migration - QUIZ TUESDAY! Read a...

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