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Euthyphro notes - Notes for reading Plato’s Euthyphro As...

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Notes for reading Plato’s Euthyphro As you read Euthyphro , keep some of the following questions in mind. We will focus on these questions in lecture and discussion. Do not expect to answer all of these questions in full. They are intended to help you focus on the issues we will go over in class. (NOTE: Because some of you may have a different version of the text, I will refer to the “page” numbers in the margins of your text, e.g., 5a. These are standard numbers that every translation uses to keep references clear.) What is Socrates’ attitude towards religion? Is Socrates religious? If so, in what ways? Is he skeptical or critical of religion at all? If so, in what ways? Try to describe his view of religion fully and with all its nuances. Look for various moments in the text to support your reading. Summarize the situation Euthyphro is in. What does he have to choose between? Be specific. What does he think of Euthyphro’s prosecution of his father?
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