What�s the earth made of

What�s the earth made of - (glass does not have an...

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What’s the earth made of??  Rocks and Minerals 18/01/2008 14:16:00 3 basic rock types…. Igneous…cooled lava  Sedimentary…grains of sand on beach-mud in a swamp- bits of broken down  bits of rock (a sediment rock is formed by broken down bits of rock) Metamorphic…a rock that has been changed through time (like a cooked  cookie (dough to hard cookie)) All rocks made of minerals A mineral is … o Naturally occurring o Inorganic (not bones and teeth…sugar) o Solid o Orderly internal structure o Definite Chemical composition … (more or less is made of same  molecule). What is not a mineral?…salt, ice, diamond,  glass 
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Unformatted text preview: (glass does not have an orderly internal structureif it cooled more slowly and formed crystals it would be a mineral, instead put into cool water right away) Table of elements o Number above letter is atomic numbershows how many protons it has Nuclei of the 3 isotopes of hydrogen Protium (1 Proton) Deuterium (1 Proton, 1 Neutron) Tritium (1 proton, 2 neutrons) o Atomic mass = # of protons + # of neutrons Isotopes can be: o Stable o Unstable (nuclearprone to decay and fall apart) also called Radioactive Decay o 18/01/2008 14:16:00 18/01/2008 14:16:00...
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What�s the earth made of - (glass does not have an...

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