Tyler's Ethic Notes

Tyler's Ethic Notes - death of ivan ilych 14/03/2008...

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Unformatted text preview: death of ivan ilych 14/03/2008 10:04:00 1/16 The Death of Ivan Ilych- 1886 First reaction how does this affect me? Promotions Wife wants a larger pension Feeling of gratitude between friends because they are still alive People feel obligated to attend the viewing of his body. Inconvenience because interferes with their card game Heightened sense of being alive- thank goodness its him dead and not me- except servant who realizes that everyone will eventually die Ivan Born into upper middle class family Does well in school, goes to take bar exam His image to do the right thing is determined by what everyone does- not thinking for himself about moral obligations Enjoys power to control other people in his work- not cruel or overbearing- likes the idea of having power but does not use it Marries because it ok with his peers- attitude is that she is fine, average o Marriage is not as good as he thought it would be o He just wanted someone to maintain his home, cook, etc but she begins to be upset/argue with him Hardest year of his life- does not get the promotion, has a low salary Eventually gets promotion- now makes a great salary, able to furnish his house the way he pleases illness and projectory towards death begins when he is hanging a curtain and gets hit in the side has to go to see doctors and he is not in the position his employees had been- doctors have power and he does not has closest relationship with his servant- grassam what makes his death so terrible? o Loss of power o Denial by others (say he is fine/going to get better) deception o Medical uncertainty (diagnosis isnt concrete) o Begins to question his values and life- tries to make sense of his life he cant find any true meaning to it o Feels alone- rest of family going about their lives, daughter just got engaged o Cant even enjoy simple pleasures of life ay longer- playing cards o Lack of sympathy- wishes somebody would pit him o Fixation on death- has to think about it all the time Thinks that since he has lived the way other people have, there is nothing wrong with his life At the end says that he just wants to live the relaxed life he once had- best part of life was his childhood- life was simple, did not have to worry about his job, what his house looked like At the end has a moment of realization and begins to think about others- his son/ wife. Instead of simply himself. Thinks that he was a burden and now wants to relive them of his burden. Final feeling of acceptancewants to relive them of his burden....
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Tyler's Ethic Notes - death of ivan ilych 14/03/2008...

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