Gita 3 Self and Sacred--short

Gita 3 Self and Sacred--short - NOTES The Gita The Self and...

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NOTES The Gita The Self and the Sacred Unit 3: Religion and the self *In addition to the “external” resources we have discussed, religions offer ways of dealing with the “inner” realm of the self. *Without this dimension, one’s actions and beliefs have little meaning or depth. One is merely “going through the motions.” *The hope is integrate knowledge and action with one’s deeper self. *But what is this self? We are complex o Krishna discusses many different aspects of the self: > senses, feelings, desires, body, thought, atman o Any spirituality will have to help us deal with this messy complexity, to give us some way of keeping it together, man! Harmony o The parts or aspects of the self can either work together or not. o The ideal would be to bring these different aspects of ourselves into working harmony—but how? - inner turmoil – wanting things, feeling confused by different things - inner confusion clouds the mind Advice about Spiritual advice o Test it against your experience, insist that it touch the deepest parts of yourself. o Don’t take it on theory, but demand that it works. o Be willing to discover things about yourself that you have never considered. Maybe these priests, gurus, rabbis, or hippies know what they are talking about! o But only you, ultimately, can say what this advice does to/for your self. Friend or enemy?
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Gita 3 Self and Sacred--short - NOTES The Gita The Self and...

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