Notes on Revelation - Notes on Revelation Exodus and Job...

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Notes on Revelation: Exodus and Job The notion of revelation implies that someone or something from the metaphysical realm has communicated truths to us. Instead of having to search around the earth or within our heads for evidence, we receive truth from on high. This idea has some obvious appeal and advantages for us. Human knowledge is notoriously shaky, elusive, and unreliable. Most of us don’t know how a car actually works—or how to choose a good boy/girlfriend—let alone where the universe comes from or why there is evil in the world. Revelation tells us that we do not have to figure out all of this on our own. We have help from another, higher source who knows the truth directly. They have graciously come down to us to reveal these truths, so we will know how to live in accordance with Reality itself. (For example, Scientology explains the “deeper” realities behind human experience, revealed in the writings of its founder, and these beliefs guide its members. See South Park for a definitive explanation.) We need to examine the notion of revelation in some detail. I will raise a few questions that believers in any tradition face when they accept a revelation as true. 1. How should we interpret the revelation? As soon as one “receives” a revelation, one realizes that it must be applied, used, understood. But revelations rarely come with instruction manuals on how to read or apply them. The Eden story in Genesis illustrates this issue. Is the story to be taken as history, or is it symbolic of important ideas or messages? See lecture notes from Feb. 4. Perhaps the story represents deep psychological truths about human life, e.g., that we cannot know goodness fully without tasting evil and rebellion. Or perhaps it symbolizes the
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Notes on Revelation - Notes on Revelation Exodus and Job...

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