Reason 3--short - Questioning the great questioner Socrates...

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Socrates on religion and truth Religion based on reason *Reason seeks general, abstract Ideals with which to judge religious claims or teachings. But are Ideals true? *Perhaps these Ideals have nothing to do with reality beyond our minds. If so, then we are worshipping nothing but our own minds. Why religion? *Isn’t a religion of Ideals too vague and abstract? Who wants to pray to justice? - cant you be an atheist and still honor these ideals? Religion and morality *Why does religion have to be about the best? Couldn’t we worship other things, like mystery, power, nature, tradition, or pleasure, which are not really ideals? - Why must gods be good- where do you get your confidence that godliness = goodness and excellence? -aren’t you being a little optimistic? Socrates’ big assumption *However messy and complex things sometimes appear, the universe is One. All things fit together to serve the “good” of the whole–its order, structure, and harmonious functioning. - the way to understand reality then, is to grasp those ideals or principles that provide its unity and harmony Blaise Pascal *A brilliant scientist and mathematician coming to grips with the new scientific understanding of the world. *A Christian who, while grasping the truth of the new sciences, is trying to preserve his faith. *Why did science challenge his faith so deeply?
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Reason 3--short - Questioning the great questioner Socrates...

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