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Truth and Revelation--short - NOTES Religion and Truth...

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NOTES Religion and Truth Revelation Key questions *What kinds of knowledge or truths do religions offer us? *What are the sources or methods by which religious knowledge is obtained? *What, if anything, is distinctive about religious knowledge, and how does it compare with other forms of knowledge? Common kinds of knowledge *Physics *History *Math *Literature *Psychology *Personal *Social Two key questions a. How is such knowledge established? - what methods are used - what kind of evidence is needed b. What is the nature of such knowledge? - what is it about -what is it used for -how is it expressed- what forms does it take When a religious authority, author, or tradition says “We know that X is true…” what are they saying? i.How are they claiming to know? ii.What is their knowledge about ? One way of knowing: revelation Truth and Revelation 1
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*A special event in which a divine or supernatural power enters human experience to reveal knowledge.
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