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February 12 - February 12, 2008 Historical Context of...

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February 12, 2008 Historical Context of Judaism Babylonian Exile 547-538BC marks period when it is finally no longer anachronistic to speak of “Jews” (people from Judah) “Jew” is not in the Hebrew Bible, only Israelites wasn’t a wholesale movement of people out of Judah less than 1% of people where exiled those who were, were welcomed and treated well given economic freedom (allowed to take jobs) given social freedom (allowed to move about the city at will) allowed to marry and be Israelites, not forced to assimilate however, many began to worship Babylonian gods only people exiled: King, prophets, and priests some maintained hope that they would return to Judah remembered the promise that there would always be a Daviad King does this indicate then end of the world or a new world order? those that were not exiled, all left in Judah and made share-croppers had to give 90% of what they made to the Babylonian overlords Babylon was the most advanced of all ancient cultures lasted until Persians come Persian Period 538-353BC Cyrus welcomed by Babylonians Cyrus has everything returned to the Jews encourages people of Judah to go back and re-established Mashiah (Hebrew): a substintive (adjective used as a noun) meaning oily man-- Messiah The Mysterious Case of Disappearing Zerubbabel Daviad King returning from Exile brings Jesiuh a high priest come to rebuild Judah “Zerubbabel will be the Messiah”- never shows up again in the Bible 331BC Alexander conquers Persia Hellenistic Period begins Alexander the Great’s first battle- defeats Athens and Thebes Aristotle tells Alexander that Greeks are superior both to Macedonians (of which he was) and the Orientals
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February 12 - February 12, 2008 Historical Context of...

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