February 26

February 26 - Christianity Appollonius of Tyana Life of...

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Christianity Appollonius of Tyana: Life of Appollonius of Tyana by Philostrates contemporary of Jesus of Nazareth executed within the same years as Jesus both men’s followers came into contact with each other born of virgin, performed miracles, taught, executed and ascended into Heaven. followers of Jesus claim Appollonius was a fraud, a magician other contemporaries: Simon Magis Osiris and Isis Dionysus Sacred Man Genre ”: only form of biography in ancient world, divine men were everywhere, in every ancient world February 28, 2008 **For Tuesday: Oxtoby 206-211, choose 1 synoptic Gospel (any translation) and read it in its entirety (Matthew, Mark, or Luke) and read all of John Beginnings of Christian Theology 1.2-1.3 billion worldwide Muslims are NOW 1.4, 1.5 billion worldwide (now the worlds most widespread and popular religion) Orthodoxy : what you believe What Christians do believe, and what Christians should believe All Christians believe in God Classical Theism (Christians, Jews, and Muslims all believe this) Believe that God is ONE God is alone and singular, only divine entity God is in control of the universe God is the OMNIPITENT creator of all all powerful everything that happens, happens because of God the universe could not be without God God is OMNISIENT all-knowing knowledge of the past, present, and future knowledge of actualities (what will happen) and potentials (what might happen) knows everything in “one single painting” not a “film strip”
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February 26 - Christianity Appollonius of Tyana Life of...

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