Outline 2 - Federalism

Outline 2 - Federalism - PLS 301 State Government...

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PLS 301 State Government Federalism Lecture Outline Outline 2: Federalism/Intergovernmental Relations I. Introduction II. The Idea of Federalism A. Definition: way of organizing a nation so that two or more levels of government have formal authority over the same area and people. B. Intergovernmental relations: interactions of governmental units. C. Confederation: loose collection of states with power at the level of the individual state. D. Unitary system: principal power lies at the level of a central government. III. Why federalism and intergovernmental relations are important A. It decentralizes our politics B. It decentralizes our policies IV. States in the constitutional system A. Introduction B. Powers of government in the federal system 1. Enumerated powers (17) 2. Implied powers (necessary and proper clause) 3. Reserved powers (for the states – Tenth Amendment)) 4. Concurrent powers (given to both states and national government) 5. Denied powers (denied both the states and national government) V. States obligations to each other A. Full faith and credit B. Extradition C. Privileges and immunities VI. Stages in the evolution of federalism A. 1787-1834 Nationalization 1. McCulloch v. Maryland (1819) – national supremacy and implied powers 2. Gibbons v. Ogden (1824) B. 1835-1860 Dual Federalism, Phase I C. 1861-1932 Dual Federalism, Phase II D. 1933-1963 Cooperative Federalism 1. Standard operating procedures: a. shared costs b. federal guidelines c. shared administration E. 1964-1980 Creative (Centralized) Federalism F. 1981-1992 New Federalism (Reagan) G. 1993-2000 Empathetic Federalism (Clinton) H. 2001-present Pragmatic Federalism (Bush) VII. Fiscal Federalism A. Introduction B. How Recipient Spends Money 1. Categorical Grants 2. Block Grants C. How Money is Distributed 1. Project Grants 1
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PLS 301 State Government Federalism Lecture Outline 2. Formula Grants VIII. Regulatory Federalism A. Mandates (unfunded mandates) B. Direct orders C. Cross-over sanctions
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Outline 2 - Federalism - PLS 301 State Government...

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