Outline 6 - Participation II

Outline 6 - Participation II - Channels of Participation...

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Channels of Participation II: Political Parties and Elections Political Parties V. Party Organization A. Pyramidal structure with most power lying with county committees and state committees – Committees: National, State Central, Congressional District, County (Legislative District), Ward, Precinct Organizations B. Nominating Candidates (most important role) 1. Nomination convention – usually dominated by party activists, official nomination doesn’t come from convention but primary elections 2. Challenge Primary – if no candidate gets enough votes to win endorsement at the convention or if the losing candidate at convention thinks he/she thinks can do better at the primary then the primary convention is held to challenge the winner of the convention. 3. Direct Primary a. Closed and semi-closed primaries closed: have to declare party, registered members of party. Semi-closed: have to declare party but allows independents to participate as well b. Open and semi-open primaries open: (10%) vote for either. Semi-open: (11%) all voters may vote in a single primary but publicly declare which primary they are voting in before entering voting booth c. Blanket primaries – allowed you to vote in the republican primary for some offices and the democratic primary for other offices (Alaska, California, Washington). Went to courts and declared unconstitutional d. Nonpartisan primaries – exists in Louisiana only, party
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Outline 6 - Participation II - Channels of Participation...

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