Outline 8 - State Legislatures

Outline 8 - State Legislatures - PLS 301 State Politics...

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PLS 301 State Politics State Legislatures Outline State Legislatures I. Introduction - Have become more professional - States have gained more responsibility II. Functions of State Legislatures A. Public Policy Making (pass legislation, approve budgets, propose constitutional amendments) B. Legislative Oversight 1. Sunset legislation - Sun will set on this piece of legislation (cease to exist) - Relatively new (CO was one of first states to instigate legislation) 2. Legislative veto 3. Casework - Can be very effective for legislatives to learn of short-comings - Can point out that a certain law isn’t being implemented/administered well - Legislators have roles that have staff specifically for casework 4. Legislative committees - Created to approve executive requests for certain budgets/transfers - Investigate functions of certain agency - Audit or perform program reviews of agencies (process) C. Representation 1. Apportionment issues - Definition : how the number of seats in the legislative body is distributed - In the US we apportion geographically - Many states did not reapportion their legislature for long periods of time (mal-apportionment) 2. Baker v. Carr and Reynolds v. Sims Baker v. Carr : mal-apportioned state legislatures violated equal protection clause of the 14 th amendment thus enabling federal courts to intervene in and to decide reapportionment cases Reynolds v. Sims
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Outline 8 - State Legislatures - PLS 301 State Politics...

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