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Chapter 21 Outline—Hist 106 I. America’s Move to Town A. Explosive Urban Growth 1. The movement of people at the time was towards the cities (not west) Most populous of pacific coast was san Francisco 2. Technological innovations Vertical expansion a. Steam circulating through pipes and radiators (for heating) i. Lead to multiple apartment dwellings b. Electric elevator i. Taller buildings c. Cast iron and steel frame construction i. Stronger than brick—skyscrapers possible Horizontal expansion a. Cable cars/ commuter trains/ electric trolleys i. Larger amount of people could be commuters ii. Creation of suburbs b. Subway systems at turn of century B. The Allure and Problems of the Cities
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Innovation of the city attracted country people who wanted a better life Workers had to live in crowded apartments (poorly designed) Problems with health and sanity of cities Dumbbell tenement houses a. 6-8 stories; jammed close to one another b. Poorly heated; communal toilets C. City Politics 1. Local government was fragmented and not useful 2. Urban political machines developed Local committeemen, captains, political boss Took favors, and were sketchy, but provided needed services D. Cities and the Environment 1. Cities were filthy and disease ridden 2....
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