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Mgmt Ch12 Book Notes

Mgmt Ch12 Book Notes - • Characteristics of useful...

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Mgmt Ch12 Book Notes – Communication in Organizations Managers usually spend over half their time on some form of communication Communication always involves 2 or more people o Thus behavioral processes are used Motivation Leadership Group and team interactions Communication is the process of transmitting information from one person to another Effective communication is the process of sending a message in such a way that the message received is as close in meaning as possible to the message intended Data are raw figures and facts reflecting a single aspect of reality Information is data presented in a way or form that has meaning
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Unformatted text preview: • Characteristics of useful information 1. Accurate, 2. Timely, 3. Complete, 4. Relevant • Accurate information is information that provides a valid and reliable reflection of reality • Timely information is information that is available in time for appropriate managerial action • Complete information is information that provides the manager with all the information he or she needs • Relevant information is information that is useful to managers in their particular circumstances for their particular needs •...
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