Challenging Relationship Emotions

Challenging Relationship Emotions - Challenging...

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Challenging Relationship Emotions Passion: a blended emotion consisting of surprise and joy, coupled with feelings of excitement, amazement, and sexual attraction. Passion Facts: Early stages of romantic relationships often(but do not always) involve intense passion Passion and love are different The longer and better you know someone, the less passion you will feel toward them on a daily basis The longer and better you know someone, the more extreme and unexpected the event has to be in order to trigger passion Passion can’t be planned Within long term relationships, you feel more passion toward others than toward your partner It will never be the same as it was so enjoy the after glow Reappraisal: actively changing how you think about the meaning of emotion- eliciting situations so that their emotional impact is changed. Anger: a negative primary emotion that occurs when you are blocked or interrupted from attaining on important goal by what you receive as the improper action of an
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Challenging Relationship Emotions - Challenging...

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