pt 2 - What is the definition of obscenity today Possession...

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What is the definition of obscenity today? Possession in private home is okay, but child pornography is outlawed completely. What arguments do some feminists advance against pornography? Because they said it exploits and degrades women and should be banned as a matter of civil rights for women. What came of their efforts in Minneapolis and Indianapolis to outlaw it? The city enacted a censorship statue, but it was broadly drawn. What part of the Bill of Rights guarantees American citizens “Freedom of Assembly?” ?14 th amendment’s due process clause. Freedom of Association? Can cities require permits for parades, sound trucks and demonstrations? Under what circumstances? Why did the ACLU argue on behalf of the Nazis in the Skokie, Illinois, case? What has been the ruling of the Supreme Court where Congress has tried to regulate the “new media,” Cable TV and the Internet? What was the purpose of the Communications Decency Act of 1996? It’s basic objective is to reduce regulation and encourage the rapid deployment of new telecommunications technologies. Major provisions of the law don’t deal w/the internet, but with promotion of competition in the local telephone service market, multichannel video market for over the air broadcasting. What did the Court rule in Reno v ACLU ? The court ruled 7-2 observing that the law prohibits communications that are indecent and patently offensive as measured by contemporary community standards, found an absence of a definition of either term and the law will provoke uncertainty among speakers about how the two standards relate to each other and just what they mean. How did Congress attempt to control the problem of corruption of morals of children? Specifically, what were some of the key provisions of the Child Online Protection Act and the Child Pornography Prevention Act? The COPA limited content on commercial websites not email or chat rooms. The CPPA aimed at cracking down on computer generated child porn which displayed images that appear to be those of minors engaging in sexually explicit content. What did the Court rule in Ashcroft v. Free Speech Coalition and in Ashcroft v. ACLU, both decided in 2002? ?In Ashcroft v Free Speech Coalition, the Supreme ct struck down a congressional ban on virtual child pornography holding that the law was constitutionally overboard. The statue would suppress not only images harmful to children, but legit artistic or political expression. In Ashcroft v ACLU, the Appeals court expressed its
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confidence that developing technology will soon render the community standards challenge moot making congressional regulation to protect minors from harmful material on the Web constitutionally practicable. What was the ruling in
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pt 2 - What is the definition of obscenity today Possession...

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