Physical Performance.090307

Physical Performance.090307 - 1 Physical Fitness and...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 Physical Fitness and Performance What is Fitness? ¡ Cardiovascular capacity ( ) ¡ Muscular Skeletal fitness ¡ strength ¡ endurance ¡ Body Composition ¡ F Lower risks of developing health problems; healthy levels of cholesterol Fitness/Health Goals blood pressure body fat etc. Improve physical function to improve athletic performance Improve all previously listed aspects of fitness Fitness/Performance Goals Plus- A capacity for speed and high intensity efforts Are Methods to Increase Fitness Different from those to Increase Performance? Mostly a matter of Recommendations for Health, Fitness, and Performance 2 Much higher risk of if training at dose required to increase athletic performance Unnecessary to obtain health benefits from exercise Assess current fitness status.- Future lectures Develop exercise prescription/training plan- Future lectures will cover muscle strength & endurance training Setting Fitness Goals Training for Performance Anyone… ¡ Competed in a sport in High School? ¡ Current VT athlete? ¡ Currently competing in a sport/activity? ¡ Have Parents who compete in a sport or activity? The Marathon Generation ¡ % of marathoners in US are 40 or older ¡ Average age = 36.1 y for women and 40.5 y for men Time Magazine, June 2006 Training Principles...
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Physical Performance.090307 - 1 Physical Fitness and...

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