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1 Health Appraisal prior to Exercise Testing and Programs Need for risk stratification Risk stratification definitions & guidelines Tools to assess risk Practice applying process Outline Key value of today Someone wants to start a new exercise program…. Can you okay this or do you need to have a consent and maybe an exercise test done before hand? CVD Risk Factors- Increases risk of CVD Can’t be changed Heredity & family history Male gender Increasing Can be changed Cigarette smoking High serum cholesterol High blood pressure Physical inactivity Obesity Stress Physical Inactivity as a Risk Factor Elevated by AHA to level as other primary, lifestyle risk factors….one of top 4 Smoking High High blood pressure Physical inactivity Higher population risk Lower Relative Risk than other RF but… Larger of inactive individuals Percentages of U.S. Population at Risk for Recognized Risk Factors Need tools to assess risk Prior to beginning new exercise program In decision of degree of s of exercise program To determine i when in program
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