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1 Health Appraisal prior to Exercise Testing and Programs ± Need for risk stratification ± Risk stratification definitions & guidelines ± Tools to assess risk ± Practice applying process Outline Key value of today Someone wants to start a new exercise program…. Can you okay this or do you need to have a consent and maybe an exercise test done before hand? CVD Risk Factors- Increases risk of CVD ± Can’t be changed ± ± Male gender ± Increasing ± Can be changed ± Cigarette smoking ± High serum cholesterol ± High blood pressure ± Physical inactivity ± Obesity ± Stress Physical Inactivity as a Risk Factor ± Elevated by AHA to level as other primary, lifestyle risk factors….one of top 4 ± Smoking ± High ± High blood pressure ± Physical inactivity ± Higher population risk ± Lower Relative Risk than other RF but… ± Larger of inactive individuals Percentages of U.S. Population at Risk for Recognized Risk Factors Need tools to assess risk ± Prior to beginning new exercise program ± In decision of degree of s of exercise program ± To determine i when in program
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2 Common Tools Include ± Surveys/questionnaires ± Paper/pencil ± O ± Physiological measurements ± Heart rate, ECG ± Body weight/composition ± B ± Metabolic measurements ± Blood glucose ± Blood l ± Blood inflammatory indicators Useful only if planning to begin a physical activity program e.g. walking ± PARQ ± Identifies red flags that require referral for additional evaluation by physician ± See textbook form 3.1 (also part of lab#1) PARQ ± Physical Activity R Questionnaire ± Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology ± 1 page with key questions ± Identifies those who should see their physicians prior to beginning a new exercise
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Health.Apprasial.090507 - Health Appraisal prior to...

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