CV.3.082707 - Objectives Cardiovascular Disease Etiology...

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1 Cardiovascular Disease Etiology and treatments Objectives ± Description of normal cardiovascular function and changes that occur with disease ± Terms related to cardiovascular disease and its treatment ± Types and benefits of cardiac rehabilitation programs Question of the day…. . What causes and what can you do about it? Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) ± Number one cause of death in US ± Major cause of premature death & disability ± Much of course will focus on prevention of this disease Heart Chambers and Valves Normal movement of blood through heart chambers ± ” blood enters heart ± Right atria ± Right ± Lungs ± Left atria ± Left ventricle ± ” blood to body
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2 Movement of blood through blood vessels ± Arteries ± Arterioles ± ± Venules ± Veins Anatomical abnormalities of the heart ± between chambers: e.g. Blue babies ± not working correctly: Mitral valve prolapse, Heart murmur Coronary Blood Vessels Myocardium needs to contract Oxygen is supplied via Oxygen demand of heart depends on and blood pressure. Myocardial 02 demand is estimated from SBP x HR = . Oxygen Use by the Heart Angina pectoris is chest pain or pain in other areas resulting from occlusion of coronary arteries. It occurs when oxygen exceeds oxygen . Angina Pectoris
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CV.3.082707 - Objectives Cardiovascular Disease Etiology...

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