Assess.Fitness.091007 - Why Test Aerobic/CV Fitness? Assess

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1 Assess Cardiorespiratory/ Aerobic Fitness OUTLINE • Purpose of aerobic exercise tests • Types of aerobic exercise tests (Field, Lab) • Measurements • Test termination criteria • Specific example protocols Provide a basis for exercise p Screen for coronary heart disease. Why Test Aerobic/CV Fitness? Determine ability to perform a specific work task/job. How risky is exercise testing? ± Risk of death during or immediately after an exercise test is % ± Risk of complication requiring hospitalization is < 0.2% ± So, is possible but very rare ± Appropriate and supervision as appropriate is important to reduce problems ± tests less risky than maximal Terms ± - graded exercise test ± RPE- rate of perceived exertion ± V O2 - oxygen consumption (usual units is ml/kg/min) ± Highest amount of oxygen you consume depends a great deal on fitness of ± Also lung and muscle fitness Rate of perceived exertion ± or scale ± Verbal descriptors beside numbers ± Individual points to or says number that corresponds to their current effort ± Provides idea of when they are close to the test Borg RPE scale ± 6 ± 7 very, very light ± 8 ± 9 very light ± 10 ± 11 fairly light ± 12 ± 13 somewhat hard ± 14 ± 15 hard ± 16 ± 17 very hard ± 18 ± 19 very, very hard ± 20
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2 Field Tests vs Lab Tests Field Tests for Assessment of Aerobic Capacity ± Typically for lower risk populations ± Low ± Flexible locations ± Low needs ± Efficiency of testing (e.g. more than 1 at a time) Walk/Run Tests ± How a person can run in a set time or how fast they can run a set distance ± 12-minute run ± 1-mile walk/run and 1.5 mile run ± VO
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Assess.Fitness.091007 - Why Test Aerobic/CV Fitness? Assess

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