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Class Notes 22- Impending Crisis, Part 2 (11-20)

Class Notes 22- Impending Crisis, Part 2 (11-20) - The...

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The Impending Crisis, Part 2 Tuesday, November 20, 2007 9:29 AM Time Period: 1854-1860 Today's ID's: I.D. Who What When Where Significance Kansas- Nebras ka Act Douglas (IL) proposes it Wanted a railroad to go from Chicago to the other side of US, extinguishes plains Indians claims in Nebraska territories, Nebraska (free-ish) and Kansas (possible slavery) so they become popular sovereignty places, repealed Missouri Compromise 1854 Kansas and Nebraska End of the second party system Dred Scott v. Sandfor d (1857) Dred Scott (slavery of an army surgeon), Sandford- distant relative of dead owner, wanted Scott as slave Scott taken to Wisconsin territory with master (free state), married a free black women there, owner died after, pursued this in Wisconsin court, for a time he was declared free, State court said no, supreme court said, 7-9 decision saying he was still a slave, 1857. Supr eme Court Wisconsin territory State constitution, try to include Kansas as a slave state (Buchanan supports it- Douglas against it), north is that much more angry, Kansas
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Roger Taney issues majority statement: Dred Scott is still a slave and since Scott is not a citizen he can't sue in court and also says that no blacks are citizens- no rights that whites must respect also says that Northwest Ordinance/Missour i Compromise is unconstitutional, unfairly took people's property away from them AND if congress doesn’t have right to prohibit slavery then new states must wait until statehood to determine slavery or not; causes problems when slaves are already inhabiting the area, can states themselves keep slaves out of their states? - "slave power conspiracy"!
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Class Notes 22- Impending Crisis, Part 2 (11-20) - The...

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