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Class Notes 12- American Revolution Political (10-2)

Class Notes 12- American Revolution Political (10-2) - The...

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The American Revolution: Political Aspects Tuesday, October 02, 2007 9:33 AM Tools: Western Land Claims, 1780's     1. State Governments i. Colonists go from seeing themselves as British to Americans ii. Many are loyal to their state governments iii. Struggle to find the right kind of government, the Articles of Confederation  aren't working out too well A. Theory of Republicanism i. Notion of government in which power is vested in the people ii. People will elect representatives rather than sit in a seat of power  themselves iii. Republic works because the people are believed to be virtuous and  not acting out of self-interest iv. People protected from the government or Government protected  from the people? 1. Washington thought gov't needed protection
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v. Weak government: real power is in the people B.  Changing Nature of New State Governments i. State gov't established 1776 1. Connecticut and Rhode Islands were too small to be messed  with and were under their own governments in 1776 ii. Retained colonial assembly and added representatives, didn't really  modify much iii. New constitutions written where needed iv. Adopt bills of rights by the states to protect people from the  government v. Northern states outlaw slavery, some seek gradual emancipation vi. Many states are rethinking the weak state governments since  wartime needs aren't met 1. Massachusetts noticed this in particular a. Strong central government b. Fixed salary for governor and veto power c. Many follow suit i.
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Class Notes 12- American Revolution Political (10-2) - The...

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