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ADSC 2300 Test 2 Review - vision(b Olfactory sent receptors...

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Things you should know: 1. Major bones of the dog and cat 2. External anatomical terms of the dog and cat 3. The major bones that make up or correspond to the external anatomical terms for the dog and cat 4. Skull types of the dog and examples of breeds for each 5. Dentition of the dog and cat 6. Paws and claws of the cat 7. Clavicle (collar bone) of the cat 8. Special Senses (a) Vision: Nictitating membrane; tapetum membrane; photoreceptors (rods and cones) field of
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Unformatted text preview: vision (b) Olfactory: sent receptors; pheromones; sniffing; flehmen response; vomeronasal organ (c) Auditory: sound frequency (cycles per second) (d) Touch: vibrissae (e) Taste: taste buds 9. Vital statistics of dogs and cats 10. From the Video: Basic Dog Care and Training: Normal age to start puppy training Things dogs should be use to before training The basic training commands...
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