Class Notes 14- Westward Expansion (10-9)

Class Notes 14- Westward Expansion (10-9) - Westward...

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Westward Expansion and the War of 1812 Tuesday, October 09, 2007 9:30 AM Tools: War of 1812 U.S. Territory in the 1820's 1. The Louisiana Purchase A. Thomas Jefferson is the president and republicans are in control B. French Revolution of 1789 (know that it was ongoing during this time) i. Wars break out in Europe C. French take the revolution ideas further than America D. Starting in 1799 i. Napoleon takes control of France and expands the power of France ii. 1801: France and Spain have a secret treaty where LA goes to French control (serious threat to the US) iii. People in the West were worried about not having control over the Mississippi River iv. 1795: under republican control, and worked out Mississippi river control with Spain, but Spain isn't in power anymore E. Jefferson (1801) sends a minister to France to buy LA Purchase i. Things change for napoleon
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1. 1793: slave revolt Touissant L'Overture (free black that led it), threw off french colonial rule, idependent black republic in the caribbean a. Napoleon gave up with the Americas altogehter except some areas in the West Indies ii. Napoleon is willing to sell, all of Louisiana 1. 15M dollars F. Issue for Jefferson again, monetary issues and people were saying that he was taking too many liberties (Republicans thought it needed to be followed closely, Federalists believed in loose interpretations) i. Is this move legal? (not too many people inquire, they want the land) G. 1804-1806: Lewis and Clark sent to learn about the land 2. War of 1812
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Class Notes 14- Westward Expansion (10-9) - Westward...

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