ADSC 2300 Test 1 Review - ADSC 2300 Test 1 Review 1....

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ADSC 2300 Test 1 Review 1. Important issues when considering a dog or cat a. Breed: Mixed/Pure breed b. Age: Adult/Young c. Sex: Male/Female d. Where to buy e. Personality Traits f. Health Concerns g. Cost h. Guarantees i. Traveling j. Supplies Needed k. Litter Training 2. AKC dog breed groups Group Purpose Examples Sporting Dogs hunting Cocker spaniel, golden retriever, irish setter Hounds hunting Beagle, basset hound, dachshund Working Dogs Used by police, protection, drug detection, rescue Great dane, boxer, Rottweiler Terriers Vermin-termination Bull/Scottish/welsh terrier Toys Companions for humans Toy poodle, Chihuahua, Yorkshire terrier Non-sporting Catch-all group Bulldog, dalmation, boston terrier Herding Herd sheep, goats, cattle German shepherd, collie, Shetland sheepdog 3. AKC Registration a. Name and rank 1. Labrador Retrievers 2. Yorkshire Terriers 3. German Shepherd Dogs 4. Golden Retrievers 5. Beagles 6. Dachshunds 7. Boxers 8. Poodles 9. Shih-Tzu 10.Bulldogs
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b. b. c. b. Which breeds are good with children Lab, golden retriever, beagle, boxer, poodle c. Which breeds are good for allergy sufferers Yorkshire terriers, standard poodle, Shih-Tzu 4. Genetic Disorders in Dogs - Hemophilia A: The most common bleeding disorder observed in dogs has been reported in many
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ADSC 2300 Test 1 Review - ADSC 2300 Test 1 Review 1....

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