Book Notes- Chapter 14

Book Notes- Chapter 14 - Chapter 14 Two Societies at War...

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Chapter 14: Two Societies at War Monday, November 26, 2007 9:07 PM 1861-1865 1. Secession and Military Stalemate, 1861-1862 a. The Secession Crisis i. Lincoln elected 1860 ii. Movement towards secession was most rapid in SC (Calhoun) iii. The Lower South Secedes 1. Preparation for war, conventions gathered 2. Mississippi first to act: secession ordinance 3. Followed by FL, AL, GA, LA, TX 4. Met in Montgomery, AL to declare the Confederate States of America 5. Provisional constitution adopted 6. Jefferson Davis of Mississippi named president, Alexander Stephens of GA named VP 7. Union floundered, Buchanan couldn't enforce a decision about secession iv. The Crittenden Compromise 1. Buchanan urged congress to find a compromise 2. Propose by Sen. Crittenden of KY with two parts a. Constitutional amendment to protect slavery in a state in which it already exists b. Extension of the Missouri Compromise to the CA border (rejected by republicans and Lincoln) b. The Upper South Chooses Sides i. Ft. Sumter had a peaceful mission sent by Lincoln to send supplies, Davis demanded surrender of the fort, opened fire, Union forces fell ii. Lincoln called 75K state militiamen into service for ninety days to put down the south iii. AK, TN, NC all followed VA in joining the Confederacy iv. Union gained control of Maryland which was not going quietly into Union "rule"
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v. German American militia mobilized to gain the Southwest
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Book Notes- Chapter 14 - Chapter 14 Two Societies at War...

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