Book Notes- Chapter 9

Book Notes- Chapter 9 - Chapter 9- Economic Transformation...

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Chapter 9- Economic Transformation Saturday, October 20, 2007 12:16 PM 1820-1860 1. The American Industrial Revolution i. The Market revolution: Industrial revolution, expansion and integration of markets ii. The Division of Labor and the Factory i. Division of labor: outwork system, each person does a specified job ii. Factory: concentrated production under one roof iii. Steam engines used for power for the mills ii. The Textile Industry and British Competition ii. Mechanics: coming from Britain ii. American and British Advantages 1. American: natural resources, rivers, help from the federal government 2. British: cheap shipping, raw cotton from US, larger population iii. Imporved Technology and Women Workers 2. American producers: Imporved on British technology, Lowell toured British mills, created the infamous Lowell Company and "Lowell mill girls" iii. American Mechanics and Technological Innovation iii. By the 1820's, American born artisans had replaced their British counterparts ii. Eli Whitney and Machine Tools 1. Macnine tools: machines that made parts for other machines 2. Whitney worked with the manufacturing industry for military weapons iii. Entrepreneurial Energy Unleashed 2. Technological innovation was spreading 2. American Industrial revolution was flourishing
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Book Notes- Chapter 9 - Chapter 9- Economic Transformation...

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