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Test 4 Review Parasites

Test 4 Review Parasites - Species Roundworm(ascarids Common...

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Common Internal Parasites for the Cat Species Transmission Location Affect Humans? Deworming Roundworm (ascarids) Most common, transport host: rodents/beetles/earthworms, eggs swallowed, mammary transmission Mature in stomach and sm. Intestine Yes- significantly, stick to people’s hand worm annually, heartguard usually takes care of it Lungworm Snails and slugs are intermediate hosts; rodent/bird consumes then to cats Epithelium of the alveoli, bronchioles, brochi, trachea then swallowed Hookworm Ingestion, through skin, transmammary/placental Live in small intestine, feed on blood; lay eggs that pass via feces Yes- cutaneous larva migrans Heartworm usually takes care of it, recommended to be dewormed on an annual basis Tapeworm (cestodes) Intermediate host: fleas, fish, domestic animals Small intestine- absorbs nutrients, egg segments passed onto feces, turns to insect and is eaten Yes- ingestion by flea larvae/ lice Flea and lice control is essential Common Internal Parasites for the Dog Species Transmission
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