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Instructor: Katie Marks Email: [email protected] BASIC GUIDELINES FOR A FULL BODY SWEDISH MASSAGE: *You may start with your partner face up or face down. Generally, it is a good idea to begin by addressing the area your partner wants worked on most so that you don’t leave him/her longing until the end. *Initial contact should be lighter and gradually get deeper. (Ex. Light effleurage to deeper effleurage to petrissage to friction to tapotement or vibration. Order can vary.) *As you are finishing your session, your touch should gradually get lighter again, finishing in a way that does not feel abrupt. (Ex. Lighter and lighter effleurage to a hold or rocking.) *Strokes should be slower toward the beginning and ending of your session as well as at the beginning and ending of working on a particular area. *Remember to keep effleurage strokes on the arms and legs going toward the heart. When going away from the heart, use less pressure. *Remember to check in with your partner about desired pressure and the areas you are contacting. *Take care of yourself. Stretch. Make adjustments if you need to. If something hurts, try a different tool (heel of hand, open fist, fingertips, thumbs) or try another position. A good rule to keep in mind is if it hurts your hands/fingers, don’t do it. TIMING YOUR SESSION: These are flexible guidelines for doing a full body massage in an hour. I generally start working with the person face down and spend about half an hour working the back and
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BASIC_GUIDELINES_FOR_A_FU - Instructor: Katie Marks Email:

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