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SWEDISH MASSAGE Class 6: Attendance Questions about friction Vibration and Tapotement VIBRATION Continue working directly with muscle tension—knots, adhesions, scar tissue Strokes learn today have deep, far reaching effects The deepest stroke Allows us to do deep work in a less invasive way Works at the neural level to stimulate or relax the nerves which effect the muscles Breaks up the monotony of a massage—when use the same methods repeatedly, body can adapt and not respond as well Just like what it sounds like Can be done anywhere To do Vibration: 1. Sink into a spot. After good depth of pressure achieved, hand trembles. 2. Try to let muscles above the elbow relax, so just forearm is working. 3. Use fingers, thumb, heel of hand, whole hand 4. Do sparingly, for shorter periods of time. TAPOTEMENT (PERCUSSION) Rhythmic striking of the body, using springy blows at a quick pace Tricks muscle into relaxing. When struck, muscle contracts and then relaxes. Series of contractions and releases leads to a letting go of deeply held tension.
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vibration&tapotement - SWEDISH MASSAGE Class 6:...

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