arms and hands - Smooth out Arms: 1. Hand/foot hold 2....

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Class 9 Arms and Hands Attendance Comments on working face up Today: shoulders, arms and hands, legs and feet—may not be time for back today Get chair, blanket, etc… Working on shoulders, arms, hands Point out endangerment site, do not work in front of SCM, careful support of head, limit talking PALPATION EX (maybe) Arms and hands similar in approach to legs/feet—working toward the heart. Big difference—arms so movable, great access to whole area because arm pivots. Palpate arms/hands: 2 bones in forearm, elbow, little bones in wrists, one side of arm vs. other Friction around joints Petrissage: biceps, deltoid—squeeze whole shoulder Vibration Hands : Trace between bones Milk fingers Petrissage web Squeeze pressure points Massage palm with thumb Turn to someone next to you—interweave fingers, spread connective tissue
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DEMO: Shoulders: Head hold Knead shoulders Support head, turn it. Back of the hand along curve of neck Explore shoulders and neck with thumbs and fingers
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Unformatted text preview: Smooth out Arms: 1. Hand/foot hold 2. Effleurage whole arm, long strokes (one hand, two hands, grasp at wrist to prevent flopping. 3. Begin with forearm palms down, more eff 4. Use thumbs to explore 5. Figure 8, wringingbend arm 6. Frictionjoints/tight spots 7. Explore other side of arm (palm up) 8. Flushing stroke 9. Eff whole arm Upper arm 1. squeeze upper arm 2. Petrissage biceps 3. Friction with thumbs 4. Vibration/tapotement 5. Support arm and bring over head 6. Petrissage biceps/triceps 7. Flush 8. Bring back down effleurage Hand 1. Sandwich hand between your two 2. Explore top (trace between the bones) 3. Knead web between thumb and fingers 4. Milk fingers 5. Turn hand over use thumbs to massage palm, gliding or circular strokes 6. Interweave fingers 7. Smooth 8. Other side repeat, starting with hand/foot hold *very natural transition to legs/feet....
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arms and hands - Smooth out Arms: 1. Hand/foot hold 2....

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