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EngE_1114_HW8_Teamwork - speak All other member roles...

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EngE 1114 Spring 2006 Prepare a brief (no more than one page typed) response to the questions below. Use concrete examples from your ENGE 1024 project or other team project experiences when ever possible. What are characteristics of “good” teams? What are possible roles for member of a project team? What makes a team member a “good” team member? In what team member role are you most comfortable? 1) A “good” team is one where each every team member trusts and respects not just all the other team members but their viewpoints and ideas. There has to be good communication between all members of the team that way they all stay on the same page. 2) There should be a team spokesperson/leader; however, each member should have an equal share of the responsibilities and each member should have equal rights to
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Unformatted text preview: speak. All other member roles should include an expert or at least someone competent in each of following: CAD, computer programming, communication, and hands-on work. 3) A team member must be reliable, trustworthy, and competent in their field. They must be open-minded and except the fact that they don’t know everything and that another team member could have a better solution. They should be good at communicating their ideas. 4) I feel most comfortable in a role where I am involved in everything, not necessarily leading everything but involved. I prefer work that is more hands-on and physical. I would rather be building the project than testing it in some computer model. 12:20 M | EngE 1114 HW8 | 20 February, 2006 | Konzik, Kit | /...
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