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Reaction Paper 1 - life Although I am not positive of what...

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Chelsea Thoms ECHD 2050 Bridget Larsen I decided to enroll in ECHD 2050 because I thought it would not only be an interesting class, but help me be more decisive on an area of study and on my future career field. Although I am not quite sure of what I would like my future career path to be, I plan to pursue a degree in business management. I enrolled in this class in hopes that it would help guide me toward a career by giving me a better understanding of my interests, personality, strengths and weaknesses by not only giving me a clear idea of not only what career I would be good at, but more importantly, a career I would enjoy. I also enrolled in this class because of the small class size. It is difficult to find a class of small size at UGA and I feel that if you have the opportunity to take a small class you should because the relationships you make between peers and teachers will come in handy later in
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Unformatted text preview: life. Although I am not positive of what I would like to do as a future career, I know that I would like to own my own business. Some of my tentative business ideas include but are not limited too: owning my own event planning/wedding planning business, operating and owning a mobile gymnastics business, managing a custom card shop, coaching and managing for a high school cheerleading squad, or owning and managing some other business. My ultimate dream career would allow me the opportunity to have flexible hours, not work weekends, and allow me to work with people. Regardless of what specific career path I choose, I know that obtaining a business management degree will help me regardless of what business I decide to operate and manage and I feel that this class will overall be a help in deciding and fulfilling my career path....
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Reaction Paper 1 - life Although I am not positive of what...

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