Water Quality Assignment - Water Quality Assignment...

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Unformatted text preview: Water Quality Assignment GROUNDWATER Quality in Pennsylvania. Read the document Information for Water Assignment on ANGEL. Answer the following questions: a). What human activities have affected groundwater in Pennsylvania? Mining, waste storage and management, underground storage tanks, and agricultural activities have all contributed to the degradation of water supply. b). How does Pennsylvania monitor groundwater supplies? They monitor groundwater supplies by watching wells at municipal landfills, spray irrigation sites, storage tanks, coals mines and hazardous waste sites. They also developed a ground water monitoring program that has three goals, measure ambient ground water quality, provide an indication of long-term ground water quality trends resulting from land use practices and by assessing the success or failure of land management practices. c). What percent of the samples monitored exceeded drinking water standards? 10-25 percent. d) How many people in PA rely on groundwater? 25 percent of people in PA....
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Water Quality Assignment - Water Quality Assignment...

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