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Faultlines Chapter 14 Evaluating Bureaucratic Performance: Can Government Be Run Like a Business? James Q. Wilson- What government agencies do and why the do it. 3 reasons Private Businesses v Government Agencies 1. Business partnerships do not exist because they are working for the government and the good of the people and not their own personal benefit. 2. Public Agencies can't serve goals of their choosing- they must follow all government restrictions 3. Cannot allocate the factors of production. They must follow all the rules and not able to give rewards for production. How do we check bureaucracies? Congress monitors their activities-secretaries Lawsuits, people sue them. Hacker- Bigger and Better. Allocational Efficiency- government uses different programs to serve the people such as Medicare, and social security. Technical Efficiency-the use of government programs in health and insurance would engage the discipline of competition and lead to more efficient use of resources. Dynamic Efficiency- innovation and improvements in quality Three ways to check Bureaucracies 1. termination 2. devolution 3. deregulation- don't delegate as much power to them Chapter 16- Economic Policy: Should Government Reduce Income Equality? Anna Bernasek-Income Inequality and its Cost.
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faultlines_final_review - Faultlines Chapter 14 Evaluating...

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