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Study guides Exams 1,2, & 3 - STUDY GUIDE INTRODUCTORY...

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STUDY GUIDE -- INTRODUCTORY SOCIOLOGY First Exam -- Professor Michael Hughes What is covered on the exam? (1) Chapters 1-4 in SOCIOLOGY: THE CORE; (2) Assigned articles in READINGS IN SOCIOLOGY (3) All lectures and class presentations IMPORTANT CONCEPTS : sociology sociological imagination impression management social structure ideal type role conflict interaction social fact role strain social relationship culture instrumental tie concept norm expressive tie variable folkways group hypothesis mores primary group correlation law secondary group independent variable ethnocentrism in-group dependent variable status out-group spurious correlation ascribed status reference group observation achieved status formal organization experiment master status bureaucracy survey generalized other groupthink self-concept self-esteem social dilemma attitude belief ideology THEORIES, HYPOTHESES, AND FRAMEWORKS: PEOPLE: * linguistic relativity hypothesis * Auguste Comte * the functionalist perspective (functionalism) * Harriet Martineau * the conflict perspective * Herbert Spencer * the interactionist perspective * Karl Marx * the Thomas Theorem * Emile Durkheim * the Looking Glass Self * Max Weber * theories and agents of socialization * Erving Goffman * types and styles of leadership * George Herbert Mead * Charles Horton Cooley RESEARCH: Sherif's study discussed on p. 104-105; Sherif's and Asch's studies of conformity. READINGS IN SOCIOLOGY: For this and all exams, review the main points discussed in the assigned articles. What were the main purposes for writing the article? What are the main findings and conclusions? OTHER: * falsifiability (of a theory) * periods of the life course * according Erikson, the "main task" at each stage of development * Goffman's dramaturgical approach; characteristics of performances * disadvantages of, and ways of humanizing, bureaucracies
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GENERAL ADVICE : Different students do better using different study methods. Use the study
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Study guides Exams 1,2, & 3 - STUDY GUIDE INTRODUCTORY...

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